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1.      No Pets – We know you love pets and so do we.  However, because we are a working farm, as a courtesy to our farm animals, and your fellow visitors, we are a pet free facility. Only service dogs are allowed.

2.      No strollers – Generally, the paths through the corn are too narrow and rough to allow a stroller ride to be comfortable or convenient.  If you must bring very young children, it is best to carry them. 

3.      No smoking - As the corn matures in the fall, it can become very dry.  Smoking is prohibited due to the fire possibilities.

4.     No alcohol - As this is a family friendly activity we do not allow alcohol on the premises.

5.      Watch your children - The corn maze covers about 6 acres of land.  It is a long walk for very young children.  We do not recommend the maze for toddlers.  Young children can get lost in a field.

6.       Please help to keep the area clean - Please be respectful and use the garbage and recycle bins provided.  Do not throw wrappers or empty bottle and cans in the corn.   In late October, once the corn maze is finished our livestock will be grazing the field.  We do not want them to eat plastic or other garbage which might do them harm.

7.      Stay on the paths – If you cut through the corn to find other paths, you will destroy the effect of the maze for other visitors.  Please remain on the path.

8.      Washrooms – A Port-A-Potty is available for your use. If you can’t see it, just ask, and we will direct you to where it is.

9.       Food and beverages – Water and Snacks can be purchased at the concession stand.  You are welcome to bring your own as well if you wish. 


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