In the Newell region there is an abundance of things to see and do. There are also quite a few opportunities for writers and bloggers to enjoy this area and share their experiences as well. We aim to please with this list of places and things to see and do. This is just the short list of the many things to see and do, but if something interests you, we encourage you to click on the information and send us an email if you have any questions.

Let us help show you a side of the Newell region never before seen.

Allow us to assist you with itinerary planning, coordination and permits, accommodations, activities, and much more.

In order to qualify for assistance from the Newell Regional Tourism Association (NRTA), members of the media must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All media need to be on a letter of assignment or have a proven track record for producing media content or publications
  • A detailed request form must be filled out and can be either requested from the NRTA or can be emailed and submitted with the following information:

Title of the Project or Company/Publication: Please include mailing address, Phone/fax numbers, email address

Dates of Visit: Please include arrival/departure times and relevant details

Participant(s): Please include: full name, professional status, complete contact information including mailing address & email address and any accompanying companions

Editorial Policy: Describe how this affects any degree of sponsorship of the trip

Audience Profile/Circulation: Please include type of medium, medium’s audience, demographics and geographic coverage

Feature Content/Story Line/Theme

Commitment to Publish/Broadcast: Describe degree of commitment secured in advance of trip (i.e. assignment letter, etc.) and estimated date of feature appearance

Advertising Value of Feature: Please include in Canadian Dollar amounts

Accommodation Information: Please incidcate if you require accommodation assistance, (i.e. How many rooms, dietary requirements, etc.)

Specific Services Requested: Describe assistance required in order to fulfill media visit objectives. Include the following attractions/sights/activities required/ interviews, etc.

Make mention of the NRTA and its partners’ website as, applicable

Contact Information:


Phone: 403.794.2262

There are many stories to be told in the Newell region. Here are but a few of the stories we believe are simply amazing. We encourage you to look at our publications and watch the videos on each story. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to respond.


Phone: 403.794.2262

There are many events, attractions, and things to do in the Newell region. It is our responsibility to ensure that media releases are broadcasted throughout the region and broadcasters, publishers, and journalists can find this source of information. This section highlights all of the recent media releases undertaken in the Newell region.

Contact Information:

Phone: 403.794.2262

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If you enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, sailing or bird watching there is a place for you here. We also boast a wide variety of historic and educational sites and a multitude of recreational attractions and events.

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