There is so much to see in the Region of Newell! Explore communities, attractions, events, parks, and more, and uncover hidden treasures to cherish long after your trip has ended.


Fun and entertainment abounds in Newell. Find something for everyone in the family!

Dinosaur Adventures

Roar, a tyrannosaurus-sized dinosaur adventure awaits you in Newell! You’re in the lands that dinosaurs once roamed.

Arts & Performing Arts

Newell sets the stage for an exciting arts & culture experience. Theatre, music and visual art – discover the local arts scene!

Museums & Historic Sites

We can’t wait for you to unearth our local heritage. Our museums & historical sites tell the stories of our treasured region.


Whether you’re a spectator or athlete, you’ll come to love Newell Region for its bevy of sporting facilities and teams!

Newell is Located 2 hours south of Calgary


Home Of the biggest man made Lake in Alberta


Location of the Brooks Aqueduct built in 1910


Grows 80% of Canada’s Alfalfa Seed crop

Stay up to date on all the latest in Newell. Discover what is happening and when, and plan your trip accordingly to make the most of your time here.

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