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Things to Do

There are so many things to do and places to visit in Newell. From the heart of the Canadian badlands, to the waters of Lake Newell and the might Bow and Red Deer River, this region is full of incredible opportunity for family, friends, and adventure!  We've grouped them here together by category of what you might be interested in doing on your next visit. Please click on each box as you find some of the most incredible adventures in Southern Alberta.

If there is something happening in the Newell region, you will see it listed in our calendar....
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The Region of Newell is a vibrant and active place for outdoors activity, adventure...
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Take a weekend, or a couple of weekends, to explore the incredible nature of the prairies...
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The Region of Newell is rich with art, music and culture! The landscapes of the Canadian...
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The Region of Newell has a large diversity of delightful restaurants and entertainment....
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The Region of Newell has many incredible opportunities for Sports and Recreation. There...
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The Region of Newell has a number of very talented Hairstylists and health services that...
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The Region of Newell has incredible opportunities to find unique items, gifts, and the essentials....
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