Photography Tour

Grab your camera and become immersed in the beautiful and unique landscapes that Newell has kept secret for so long.

Pollination Tour

Take this opportunity to learn about all things bees! You can observe bees closely and safely and become immersed in the pollination process.

Historic Tour

Experience dance & craft demonstrations, eat traditional foods, ask questions, and take home a little of our culture with you

From the heart of the Canadian Badlands to the waters of Lake Newell and the mighty Bow and Red Deer River, this region’s history ranges from the time of the dinosaurs in Dinosaur Provincial Park to the coming of the pioneers and railroad construction!

Newell is located 2 hours south of Calgary


Home of the largest man-made lake in Alberta


Location of the Brooks Aqueduct, built in 1910


The region grows 80% of Canada’s Alfalfa Seed crop

No matter where you choose to travel in the Newell region, you will be able to discover fun and exciting activities and opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Farm and Market

Farm and Market

Newell has a variety of farms, farmers markets and specialty markets to offer

Golf Course

Golf Course

Looking to golf in the Canadian Badlands? The Region of Newell has five amazing golf courses that are perfect for a golfer of any level.

Museum and Historic Sites

Museum and Historic Sites

Capture your own piece of history in Newell with all the available Museums and Historic sites. Plenty to see and enjoy for all!

Arts and Performing Arts

Arts and Performing Arts

When it comes to arts, music and culture, Newell has lots to offer.

There is so much to see in the Newell region! Explore communities, attractions, events, parks, and more, and uncover hidden treasures to cherish long after your trip has ended.


On your journey through Newell, you’ll likely want to stop to recharge. Plan your entire trip ahead of time and get the best deals on local accommodations by booking online now!


There are a number of signature experiences that can be found within the Newell region on your travels. Learn about the available attractions that will enrich your experience.


There are countless exciting events in the region to keep you entertained throughout the year. From rodeos to local events, Newell hosts a multitude of activities to attend and enjoy.

Stay up to date on all the latest in Newell. Discover what is happening and when, and plan your trip accordingly to make the most of your time here.

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There is so much to see in the Region of Newell! Explore communities, attractions, events, parks, and more, and uncover hidden treasures to cherish long after your trip has ended.

Looking for a region of endless possibilities? Start your search here!

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